"I will forever be grateful for your being there for me as I struggle to stand up again. You are a very special person and I have a tremendous amount of respect for you..."

My Psychotherapy Practice


I believe that our connection with others represents the single greatest controllable determinent of our emotionl and physical helath.


I act on that belief by establishing my own special connecion with each patient that helps her (him)feel less alone and more empowered.


Together we will work on resolving the issues that have brought you to therapy. I will help you feel comfortable talking about your concerns. I will listen carefully, and I will share my thoughts with you.

Skills and Experience

Parenting (with children of all ages)

Adults who have elderly parents
Self-esteem issues

Loss of a relationship

Couple problems (heterosexual and homosexual)

Divorce and separation issues for parents and children

School and work problems
Sexual abuse
Substance abuse and its impact on the family
Issues facing adult children with alcoholic parents
Handling life transitions
Chronic and life-threatening illness, including multiple sclerosis

How long will It take?

It may be brief therapy and take from one to six sessions or it may take longer. The length of treatment will depend on your goals and motivation.

Frequency of sessions 

Most people come once a week, especially in the beginning. Others with different needs and schedules come more or less frequently.
The sessions usually last 45 min., but extended sessions and double sessions are also available.
Group sessions last 1 1/4 hours.


Each plan is different. If you have out-of-network mental health benefits, a large part of the fee (after the deductible) may be covered. You should contact your insurance carrier to find out about your coverage.